Best Nikon Cameras To Buy In 2019


A short time ago Nikon made a decision and, as it was to be expected, stood by it: they were withdrawing from the entry-level market and going full-on with the medium-to-expert side of it. Thinking about it coldly, we might opt to say that they are making a mistake because the entry-level niche is so full of people who need a dependable, affordable and easy to use Nikon, but it makes a lot of sense that they want to establish themselves as a “photographer brand” instead of making cameras for all audiences. With that in mind, these are the best Nikon cameras that you can purchase in 2019.

Nikon Usage Example – Bubblegum Dungeon

A lot of interesting projects are being made thanks to Nikon technology and it’s surely nice to write about the most prominent ones. Our today’s pick is Bubblegum Dungeon series available to preview at – a series that’s going to twist the world of BDSM upside down. Why? Because it features all you love about the rough scenes with totally new scenery – full of colors, rainbows and silly girls.

Nikon Z7

This camera is a total mirror-less full-frame hit. This amazing camera takes on the D850 idea blending high-resolution in the sensor plus fast-burst shooting and 4K video to be your ultimate camera in any case scenario.  Although there are only a few native lenses, you can use most with an adaptor.

Nikon Z6

The somehow little sister of the Z7 is a definite joy to handle and it is very hard to beat when it comes to price vs. features. It is a camera that is ideal for the pros to make the most out of it but can really be a welcome tool for photography enthusiasts to shoot on a spree. The Z6 is the best choice in its price range.

Nikon D850

Yes, Nikon´s favorite DSLR camera is still alive and kicking. This powerhouse has been to weddings, landscapes, action sequences and you name it and came out in glory. Its records video in 4K, has a 45.7MP full-frame back-illuminated sensor and 153-point AF system. If you want a reliable classic, look no further.

Nikon D3500

If you are giving your first steps in the magic world of photo-snapping, this might be your best choice. It offers the best interface for a no-frills approach and a superb light-weight body that won´t hurt your shoulder or your desire of becoming a photographer. Finally, you can get all the Nikon lenses you can think of for it.

Nikon D750

This might be your most affordable full-frame option and it comes with some amazing extras like the 51-point AF system, two-card slots, Wi-Fi connection and some great tools to make some in-camera raw adjustments. The drawback of this model is that it doesn´t have any 4K video or touch sensitivity on the screen.

Nikon D7500

For under $800, this camera is your best choice. The next one in line is the D500 at a much different price but with not many differences in specs. The Nikon D7500 is a powerhouse for the sports and outdoors photographer including 4K video, a very robust body that is weather sealed and 8fps of burst shooting. This camera is a total hit for those not willing to spend that much and going for a shooting spree out in the wild.

Nikon D5

Finally, we´ve come to the flagship camera of the Nilon DSLR lineup: the Nikon D5. In terms of features and specs, this camera is as good as the DSLR range gets in any brand. Its direct competition is the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and they´re head to head in the race for being the best camera for outside, sports and wildlife photographers. The Nikon D5 has some very low image noise levels at higher sensitivities which is very good for action and an extremely accurate autofocus tracking to get those perfect shots in the move. The body of the D5 is a canvas for mixed emotions because while it is true that it is heavy (way heavier than the competition), it is also virtually indestructible and can withstand the abuses of the road. The price tag might be a little scary for some but is definitely a pro camera.


Sometimes the saying about that who embraces widely squeezes very lightly is completely true and that is the spirit behind Nikon´s bet. They want to be seen as the photographer´s choice and not just another camera brand in the world. The selection above represents exactly that decision with some of the best, most reliable and accurate cameras in the market.

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