Canon EOS C700 Full Frame Is Totally Unrivalled


Canon is a name to reckon with in the digital imaging world. The company recently announced the introduction of EOS C700 Full Frame – the first full frame cinema camera from the company. The first attempt at a full frame camera from the company was the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II DSLR which hit the market sometime in 2008. The coming of the C700 FF can be seen as the company’s renewed commitment to the full-frame video movement.

The core of the camera makes use of a new Canon-developed CMOS image sensor that carries a wide shooting range. The camera is already ‘A’ listed in high-profile Hollywood productions. The camera was launched on the 28th of March ahead of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show scheduled for April.

Cum4K – Perfect Environment For Canon EOS C700

Cum4K.tubeTo give you idea about the quality of photos you are going to get with this Canon equipment we will use Cum4K as example. The series is ‘for adult only’ production that focuses on up-close actions and 4K quality of video content. But what about still pictures? You should head to the official tube website of this brand to see it yourself, you will be stunned.

The Specifications Of The EOS C700 FF

The EOS C7000 FF comes with hefty specs. It comes with a larger 5954×3140 17:9 sensor. According to Canon, the larger sensor gives a better contrast with a greater tonality exceeding 15 stops of dynamic range for colors. Larger sensors also tend to produce a better image in a low light environment by creating a softer field depth.

Like other 4k Cinema EOS cameras, the EOS C700 uses CFast cards for 4K Ultra-high Definition or 2K High Definition. One of its striking features, when it comes recording, is the Oversampling 4K Processing which produces 4K (UHD or DCI) from processing 5.9K image capture. This enhances image sharpness. This is a huge addition to anamorphic image capture. It also allows recording at a high frame rate up to 168fps in 2K crop. Future firmware updates promise additional formats.

User Experience With The C700 FF

The C700 is perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging providing 15 stops of latitude and improved color science. The capture of 4K and 2K on CFast cards using the oversampling mode reduces noise and more.

The C700 FF comes with either EF mount or PL mount. The EF mount is also compatible with the Canon Cinema Prime lens range.  The C700 FF also comes with a novel compatible cinema lens, the CN-E20mm T1.5 L F lens. This new lens brings the total of Canons cinema lens to twenty-one.

Unveiling Of The Camera

The 4K HDR reference display gives videographers the ability to broadcast live or view their work on-site. The cinema camera will be on display at Canon booth during the NAB slated to hold April 9 ‘12 in Las Vegas. The EOS C700 FF will be fully released in July with a price tag of $33,000.

There is no price tag for the 20mm lens but Canon estimates that it will be shipping by fall. The president of Canon U.S.A, Inc, Yuichi Ishizuka said the goal of Canon to launch a full-frame camera was set after listening to customers and following market trends. The company is also offering free upgrades of the Super 35mm sensor to a full-frame sensor when users of EOS C700 visit Canon Burbank or other authorized Canon facilities.

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