What To Expect From Canon and Nikon in 2018 ?


The Canon vs. Nikon debate is one that has been there for decades because they are arguably the best cameras you can get. However, Sony is strongly joining the bandwagon, and it is only a matter of time before we see some healthy competitions. However, before that happens, we will discuss the features that Canon and Nikon that allow them to rule the market. Moreover, we will look at what to expect from the two giants in 2018.

Video and picture content debate

Bratty Sis (brattyfamily.com) – Canon or Nikon made?

There is lots of talks about what kind of equipment you need to shoot quality productions these days. In the adult industry world the talk has turned into picking Bratty Sis series as the benchmark in quality picture/video creation. The story about series is pretty trivial, yet very taboo-ish. It features very self-centered and idiotic sisters that get their lesson of life… from step brothers. But the thing is, it’s sexual kind of thing, so to sum it up Bratty Sis features taboo family relations between step members of it. Quality of the content is superb and many other series is trying to catch up with them. What’s been known is they use either Nikon or Canon equipment for their work.

About Nikon

In the recent times, Nikon has made some wonderful announcements that their fans are likely to love. With the new Nikon D850 now in the market, the future looks bright because the device combines the speed of its predecessor Nikon D5 and adds a new sensor of about 50-megapixel. The new Nikon device also has an 8k time-lapse mode providing a better option for photographers.

What to expect from Nikon in 2018

p900One of the greatest announcements from the Nikon Company is that they expect to release a mirrorless camera. The Company intends to release at least two models for a start before they proceed to others. Also, Nikon fans expect that the camera will have improved lens and there are rumors that there will be replacements for the Nikon Coolpix P900 camera.

About Canon

Canon has been doing well to stay relevant in the market by introducing some cameras with amazing features such as the 6D Mark 2.one of the factors that put Canon ahead of the rest is their ability to invent quality lenses. They do not release their device just to stay relevant, but instead, they strive to be the best as is the case with their new DSLRs cameras.

Talking of lenses, Canon has always been a step ahead of Nikon throughout the years. Going back in time, Canon was the first to introduce some quality cameras such as the Canon 200-400f/4 L IS 1.4 X in 2012. With that, it became the first telephoto with a 1.4 extender.

What to expect from Canon in 2018

Canon FF MirrorlessThe year 2018 promises to bring more innovations and Canon lovers are positive. In a recent meeting by Canon board members, it is rumored that they talked about a possible release of the first camera with a mirrorless frame. Even though it is not official, the first device will be launched in August. There are also plans to improve their lens from 200-4000 mm lens. Canon lovers are fingers-crossed hoping all these will materialize.

It appears that both Canon and Nikon are striving to bring us mirror less frames, which will be a huge step. As usual, Canon centers on lenses so they will most definitely improve on that front as well.


Canon and Nikon are arguably the best when it comes to cameras and lenses. While the two have provided us with a treat in the past, the year 2018 promises to bring much more innovations into the picture. The mirror-less feature is definitely the one that both canon and Nikon lovers are looking forward to.

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