8 of the Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses


The lenses for Micro Four thirds lenses arrive in almost 100 varieties. Hence, if you are looking for most effective lenses for your Micro Four thirds cameras, you need to approach the search, wisely and considerately. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few top options in this regard.


This lens ideally suits the purposes of street photography and it is definitely one of the gallant options to embrace among the Micro Four Thirds camera lenses. You will be impressed with the high-functionality and the simple user-interface.

  1. Panasonic Leica

Coming for a price of 429 pounds, these lessee promises you the ideal return for your money. The sharp, detailed and lively photos will justify your choice of these lenses over the other available alternatives.

  1. OLYMPUS ED 75

So far the shooting and optical capacities are concerned; you will hardly get a better alternative to these lenses. These lenses come with a focal length that equates 10mm FF. Hence, these lenses are among the most sought after options among its category. Existing users review these lenses on very high notes.

  1. Olympus ED 12

These lenses justify the reasons for users rating Olympus lenses on very high notes. A gallant feature about these lenses is that it is weather sealed. Hence, no matter that weather conditions, you can still expect to produce the best grade visual resources.

  1. Panasonic LUMIX

Another gallant option from the category of weather sealed lenses, the Panasonic LUMIX will impress you with its exceptional construction. These lenses are the ideal for photo shooting against the urban backdrop.

  1. Olympus MZUKIO

These lenses will be the perfect options for those, looking for high-functional lenses within inexpensive rates. It is the ideal option for street photography. Featuring auto-focus properties, these lenses facilitate you to capture the best grade visual resources.

  1. Panasonic DG Macro

This is a gallant option from the category of the portrait lenses. Users love these lenses as it produces negligible distortions which are a very important feature of the portraits. Users, who had used these lenses to capture street photographs, got sharp lively photographs that enabled them to preserve the best visual resources to preserve the memories of the special moments. AS you can get it from the name itself, it is a perfect solution for macro photography. The best part is that you get these lenses within inexpensive rates.

  1. Samyang Fisheye MFT

This is a manual focusing lens and hence, you should opt for it, only if you have the ability to control the focus. However, for experienced photographers, these lenses are among the most sought after options for its capacity to produce sharp and lively photographs.

If you are looking for the Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses, you are ought to consider the options, discussed above. These lenses promise you the optimal functionality and the sweetest return of the money that you invest on it. Thus, these lenses had made it to the list of the best choices.

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